Bathmate Review – My 6 Months Bathmate Results


This is my bathmate review.  I have had my bathmate for 2 years.  The first six months Ibathmate review had the bathmate I made a commitment to myself to wear it everyday for 15 minutes per day for six months.  In making this commitment, I reasoned that if I used the bathmate correctly everyday for 6 months, then I would have given it a fair chance and put myself in the best situation I could to grow my dick a bit, like I wanted.

First, If you’re just looking to buy the bathmate make sure you do it at the official bathmate store here, so that you don’t waste any time pumping using a counterfeit that doesn’t work right.

The bathmate is fun to wear. I’m going to go over the “permanent dick gains” aspect later on down the page in my bathmate review.  But just wearing the bathmate in general is fun.  I put it on my dick with an erection, and it basically puts me at a 101% erection, which feels good of course. Having your dick at maximum hardness always feel great.  After i’m done wearing it for my 15 minutes each day, for the next 24 hours my flaccid penis size is literally near the size of my erection. My erection is also larger, about .5inch-1inch thicker than normal and slightly longer than normal.

It’s made me horny looking at it like that before lol. You look down at your dick when it’s flaccid and it’s bigger and “heavy” in your hand.  You’re just like “Damn!” hahaha.

I started out with a normal size dick, not small, not large, just average penis size .  I’m a bodybuilder, and part of the mindset behind bodybuilding is “wanting a perfect physique”.  Since I had this mindset, I wanted my dick to be “above average”.  As well as my muscles being “very large” lol.  I didn’t start my bathmate journey as a virgin or some kind of twerp lol.  I was just a normal guy who wanted to have an amazing body and put himself in the best position to have as many advantages in life as possible.

Let’s face it, having a “Big Dick” is an advantage.  Being tall is an advantage.  Having a Muscular and ripped body is an advantage.  Being rich is an advantage.  So of course, I want to max out each one of these qualities as much as I can.

When I first started hearing “hype” about the bathmate I just ignored it for awhile. Although I did hear from several sources “The Bathmate is Legit, it works.”

But of course I was skeptical.  This is PENIS ENLARGEMENT.bathmate review

I’m met with spam in my email account for this penis enlargement shit every damn day.  I’m not typically interested in entertaining spammers.

After a while of repeatedly hearing “The bathmate works” from various people on online discussion boards and bodybuilding forums, and then finally from some guys in real life who I went to bars and clubs with looking to take home chicks, I decided to investigate a little bit.

I was interested because I wasn’t “unhappy” with my dick, but I definitely would have liked it to be a bit bigger, you know? maybe and inch longer and a bit thicker so I could really swing it around and stroke my ego from impressing some chicks. lol


Yes, I used to think this too.  With the endless scams coming at your email for “penis pill”bathmate review and all that garbage, I don’t blame you.  When I started learning about ” Tissue Expansion ” is when I realized the penis is just like any other part of your body. It responds to tension and stress.

You know people who get gauges in their ears and they walk around with these huge expanded earlobes?  They start with a normal size ear piercing and gradually keep putting larger and larger rings in their ears. Soon theybathmate review have grown their ears like crazy and can put those giant cylinders inside.

Some asian women believe having long necks is beautiful so they wear metal rings on your neck from childhood in order to elongate them.  Overtime they keep adding more rings to their necks until they have these unusually long necks.  The same thing can be done with your dick, and these is the principle on which the bathmate works.


So I got online searched “Bathmate Review” and figured out how the bathmate works.  It

bathmate review
– Filling The Bathmate With Water

is a water pump instead of an air pump.  This is relieving because water cannot compress like air can.  Water has a set density which cannot change. Air has a variable density and can develop dangerous levels of pressure in a “pump” type of environment.  Since the bathmate is a water pump, the source of the suction is being created by water which has a fixed density and cannot create dangerous levels of pressure.  I was relieved to find out (and later experience) that my penis would be safe inside the bathmate.


I learned the bathmate works by using the water to create suction and force blood insidebathmate review of the penis.  First you get a boner and stick the bathmate (filled with water) over your boner and give the bathmate a few pumps.  This causes your boner to get a tiny bit more blood forced into it than you normally would have during an erection.  This tiny bit of extra blood forces the blood vessels inside of your dick to expand slightly and primes them to expand a tiny bit more the next time you use the bathmate.

Each time you use the bathmate a tiny bit more blood is forced into your dick than the last time you used it.  When I say tiny bit more i’m talking about like 0.1ml extra blood.  That may seem like nothing, but it adds up when you wear the bathmate day after day.  In 30 days that’s 3.0ml of extra blood capacity inside of your dick.


My Bathmate Review spans a 6 month period of daily use.  After using the bathmate with a boner, everyday for 15 minutes per day for 6 months, my dick permanently grew half an inch longer and half an inch thicker.  At this point I felt my dick was thick enough. I didn’t want to compromise getting fantastic blowjobs from having it become overly thick.  So I cut back my bathmate usage to once or twice every couple of weeks.

At this time I also started a Manual Stretching routine for my dick.  Gripping it behindbathmate review the head and pulling on it for 10 minutes everyday, for another six months.  My goal was to stretch the ligaments that hold my penis against my body.  You know the part of your penis that is underneath your ballsack and runs against your body?  It’s just normal penis tissue being held against the body by a ligament called the suspensory ligament.

With my stretching routine my goal was to stretch and increase the length of this ligament so that more of my “Inner Penis” would be outside and accessible/usable, rather than being held against my body.  I stretched it downwards for 5 minutes, and then downwards to the left for 2.5 minutes and downwards to the right for 2.5 minutes everyday.  After six months I had stretched the suspensory ligament successfully and gained another half an inch of usable length to my penis.

All in all, my total gains and bathmate results from using the bathmate for six months and then stretching for six more months were a total of 1 inch in increased penis length during an erection and 0.5 inch of increased girth during an erection.


The bathmate penis pump I bought was the most basic model, the bathmate hercules.  This model is very basic.  You just fill it with water, stick it on your erect dick, and give it a few pumps.  Then you just wait 15 minutes and voila! you’re finished for the day and on the road to growing a bigger dick.

I liked the bathmate hercules because the ease of use was so incredibly simple. Supposedly the other more expensive models bathmate review create more pressure inside the pump and therefore would help you to make gains faster but the bottom line is the bathmate hercules works, and it’s all I needed to increase the size of my dick.  So that is my bathmate hercules review.


I’m not gonna get nude like some guys have done and show you guys pictures of my dick.  I don’t claim outrageous gains and I don’t think it’s necessary to show you guys bathmate before and after pictures of me measuring my dick.

However, there are other guys who have done this.  I’m going to embed some videos here of guys on youtube who made a bathmate review and taken bathmate before and after pictures of their dick.  The videos are NSFW content and if you don’t want to see it don’t click on it, and keep scrolling down the page.

Here is a video showing bathmate before and after pictures from various guys who have used the bathmate consistently over periods of months to years

Lastly, this is a video of another guy doing a bathmate review and showing his gains after using the pump for 3 months.


When you run into a negative bathmate review, it’s usually because someone either did not use it consistently or they got a counterfeit made in china or something lol.  You have to get the official pump from the official company, not some knock off on ebay that is going to be nothing more than a stupid toy.

When I bought my bathmate I did my research first. Since I was aware of counterfeits I bought my pump from the Official Bathmate Store.  I obviously had no problems with authenticity, and my bathmate worked the way it should.  I was glad to have the peace of mind from making my purchase that I wouldn’t be wasting my time pumping for nothing.


Bathmate Review