Bathmate Results – 15 Minutes Per Day Everyday

Bathmate Results

– My Bathmate Pump

Most guys who use the bathmate want fast results.  I was one of those guys too.  When I bought my bathmate I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to stay committed to wearing a penis pump everyday but I decided that I would give it a fair shot and commit to wearing it everyday for 6 months.  I thought that in order to give an honest bathmate review and to give myself the best situation to make the penis size gains I wanted, that 6 months was a good enough trial or probationary period to do so and then decide whether or not I would be satisfied with my bathmate results.

First, If you’re just looking to buy the bathmate make sure you do it at the official bathmate store here, so that you don’t waste any time pumping using a counterfeit.

I used the bathmate pump everyday for 6 months, 15 minutes per day.  This resulted in a permanent increase of penis girth by half an inch and a permanent increase in penis length by half an inch.  I would place the bathmate over my dick after I got an erection and then give it a few pumps to increase the suction and push any air out.  This would cause my dick to immediately start expanding beyond it’s normal capabilities.  Exciting lol.

What I like most about wearing the bathmate is that it’s actually fun.  Once you takebathmate results it off the flaccid hang on your dick is like twice the size for the next 24 hours, which is always a big surprise each time when you flop it out of your pants to take a piss, and your big bathmate cock is staring back at you.  Also your boners are bigger for the next 24 hours after wearing it, so your dick is bigger during sex as well.  Wearing the bathmate results in a temporary erection size increase of about .75 inch in girth and 1 inch in length.  This stays for 24 hours and then subsides.  How the bathmate permanently enlarges your dick is by having these temporary size increases over and over again.  Eventually they become permanent and “stick”.

Enlarging your dick with the bathmate is sort of like bodybuilding.  In bodybuilding youbathmate results get a “pump” from blood flowing into the muscle you are training.  The muscle becomes bigger and swollen with blood temporarily while you train and then for about an hour afterward.  Each time you train, your muscle gets a tiny bit bigger as you force slightly more blood into it.  Eventually, all of those little size gains from those training sessions start adding up and you start looking much bigger.  This is the same principle the bathmate works on.

Each time you wear the bathmate you pump your dick up with blood and it stays enlarged for 24 hours afterwards.  Each time you use the bathmate you force a tiny bit

bathmate results
– Filling The Bathmate With Water

more blood into your penis than the last time you used it, after consistent use, these tiny increases start to add up and your dick starts being able to carry more blood when it is erect and enlarging permanently. You keep using the bathmate every day and eventually you notice substantial gains and that you have a bigger dick.

Sometimes I would get some water retention in the skin of my dick after a bathmate session.  This was a bit uncomfortable because I would get a little bit of swelling inside the skin.  It only lasted for about an hour tops though and then it would go back to normal.

I started out with a normal penis size.  Not big and not small, just regular.  But like allbathmate results guys, I wanted to have a somewhat big dick lol.  After I had my bathmate before and after gains of a half inch in length and half inch in girth from using the bathmate, I then did penis stretching exercises using my hand to pull on my dick and stretch the ligaments holding it against my pubic bone.  This freed up another half an inch of my inner penis “the part that is underneath your ballsac” and gave me another half an inch in length gain.

So now with my bathmate results combined with my stretching routine, i have gained a total of 1 inch of permanent penis length and half an inch of permanent penis girth.  I’m now noticeably larger than average and feel i’ve definitely got a nice sized dick.  Lots of compliments from girls on having a nice cock.

Now I just use the bathmate a couple of times a month, just for fun honestly.  I like wearing it and getting a big pump and an immediate big flaccid cock to flop out of my pants haha.

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Bathmate Results

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