Bathmate Before and After

bathmate before and after

This article is going to go over my penis size gains from using the bathmate before and after.

First, If you’re just looking to buy the bathmate make sure you do it at the official bathmate store here, so that you don’t waste any time pumping using a counterfeit

Before I used the bathmate I had a very average and normal size dick.  Measure

bathmate before and after
– What’s up i’m Dan, I’ve Used a Penis Pump Lol

straight out from the top with a ruler my dick was on average 5.8 inches long when it was hard, and 4.65-4.75 inches around in girth depending which part of the shaft I would measure.

I don’t make any crazy claims, and I don’t have a lockness monster in my pants or anything like that now.  But my bathmate results did cause a permanent increase of 1 inch in length and .5 inch in girth after a total of one year. Which took me from a normal or average size penis, to having somewhat of a “Large Dick”.

As you know from my bathmate review article, I used the bathmate with an erection everyday for 15 minutes per day for 6 months straight.  I gained a total of 0.5 inches in penis length and 0.5 inches of girth to my dick from this.

So after my six months daily routine of bathmate use I have gone from 5.8 inches long when erect to 6.3 inches erect.  The girth of my penis had the most notable increase going from 4.65-4.75 inches around up to 5.25-5.4 inches around in girth depending on where I measured on the shaft.

At this point I pleased with my bathmate results felt my dick was plenty thick enough, and since I really enjoy getting head and deep throat, I figured that was enough girth and I would no longer pursue daily bathmate use so that my dick would not get any thicker.

But I did want a bit more length.

So I undertook a penis stretching routine while I used the bathmate about once per week for the next 6 months.  I kept on using the bathmate during this time to “cement” my gains. I made sure that they were permanent.

The penis stretching routine I did targeted the suspensory ligament that holds the penis against your body.  The part of your dick that is underneath your balls and “Locked” against your body is held there by a ligament that can be stretched fairly easily to reveal and make usable your “Inner Penis”.

bathmate before and after
– A Virtual Representation of my dick before using the bathmate compared with the size of my dick now (on the right) after having used the bathmate and stretching.

For the 6 months while I used the bathmate only about once per week for maintenance and cementing my gains, I did my stretching routine.  I stretch my dick by gripping it with an “OK” grip just behind the head with my thumb and forefinger.  I would pull downwards until I felt a good stretch in the suspensory ligament and hold it for 5 minutes. Next, I would stretch down and to the left for 2.5 minutes.  Finally, I would stretch down and to the right for another 2.5 minutes.  Making my stretching routine a total of 10 minutes everyday for 6 months.

At the end of six months of stretching and once per week bathmate I had kept all of my bathmate length and girth gains and stretched my suspensory ligament enough to reveal another half inch of my penis that had formerly been help tightly against my body.

bathmate before and after
This is the basic bathmate model and is the one that I have

My total size was then 6.8-6.9 inches in length measure with an erection from the top of my dick.  My penis girth stayed at 5.25-5.4 inches in circumference.

That is my penis size today, and it’s been about 2 years since I was steadily doing any of that stuff.  Now I use the bathmate about once or twice per month because it’s fun to get a “pump” and have an instant gigantic flaccid hang on my cock that is almost the size of my erection for 24 hours.  I also do the ligament stretches for about 30 seconds to a minute sometimes after I take a piss.

So my bathmate before and after size including the extra half an inch in length I gained from stretching I gained an inch in length to my dick and 0.5 inch in girth that i’ve now kept permanently for 2 years.

I’m very pleased with the size of my dick now and I always get a big smirk on my face before I flop it out and show whoever my new girlfriend is what i’m packing 😉

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